Oculus Quest 2’s new update will allow developers to create mixed reality experiences

The world of gaming and technology has grown by several folds over the past few years, with each passing year we get to see a new technology stepping in and revolutionizing the technology and gaming industry. Over the years we have seen technologies like ray tracing and facial recognition coming in and changing the gaming industry, however one technology that came and created a separate industry for itself is ‘virtual reality’. Virtual reality was an entirely different experience for people that have been gaming on 2D screen, thus it was an instant hit. Soon the sales of virtual reality headsets skyrocketed and many game development companies started releasing a variety of virtual reality games.

The virtual reality industry is still growing and has a bright future ahead of it. Ever since the virtual reality boomed, big companies such as Facebook have started investing in the virtual reality industry. In 2014 Facebook acquired the Virtual reality company named ‘Oculus’, since then Oculus has released multiple headsets and updates that have never failed to amaze its users. Recently the company have announced a new update that will surely revolutionize the VR industry.

Oculus have announced that the Oculus Quest 2 headset will receive a new update, which will give the headset a new interface for programming applications. The new programming interface will allow developers to produce mixed reality experiences. Developers would be able to do so by using real life videos from the users surrounding using the headsets sensor’s and integrating them into the game. This way developers would be able to personalize the in game surroundings of the user, moreover developers will also be allowed to use filters and effects that further enhance the surroundings and make the experience a lot more fun. The integration of surroundings in virtual reality is surely something that will provide a gaming experience like never before.

Oculus also said that with surrounding integration coming in, users will be able to get into the virtual content without having to care about other things such as pets and children’s.

Following the announcement, a whole lot of Oculus users were concerned about privacy, since for the headset to integrate surroundings it would have to record it. However, the company reassured users by saying that the Oculus headset will not be able to access your media folder and all the headset would require for the integration is raw images from the headset’s sensors.

As of now the company says that the new update will only be available for Unity, however they are looking forward to releasing the update on other platform as well.

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