Android’s Data Restore Tool Makes An Appearance On Google Play Store In Light Of Backup Requirements

The new Android app Data Restore Tool introduced by Google is not new per say as it is installed in a lot of phones. Most of the tech savvy individuals would have seen this tool shower its magic when changing phones or setting up a new phone. Being pre installed in many phones, almost everyone is aware of its existence, however, its usefulness is still a big question mark to everyone and the ratings and review show that this question mark is still yet to be removed.

With over a billion downloads already on the play store, questioning the credibility of the software may seem foolish but as it is one of Google’s pre installed apps there is little to be left to the imagination as most of pre installed apps are useful, this is an exception. There is a significant difference to its namesake Data Transfer Tool that is predominantly used across all android devices that was introduced back in 2017 on the Play Store.

However, the use of the Data Restore Tool has identified that it includes all the important stuff from the Data Transfer tool. But the functioning of the restore part of the name is still not yet experienced to the fullest and is expected to be brought to the light in little time.

The catch that it comes with is that for Google’s Pixels phones, it is limited to only the phones that run Android 12 operating system. Even Android 11 is not eligible for download of the restore app leaving everyone in awe as to the purpose behind this edition as it only caters to a few of the top notch phones.

It does not stop on that but goes on to the point that the version introduced on the Play Store is a newer version of the app than the one that was launched as part of Android 12’s beta 3 run campaign. This raised more than questions and all eyebrows went to air as Google’s decision seems awful in terms of all android phones.

But Google’s decision might not all be in vain as the new Pixel that is to be released works to the optimum and users that intend to change to the new phone can utilize this software as they want. Furthermore, this is perfectly in time for Google’s new backup system and we cannot help but wonder that we will be introduced to a link between the two software in a few days.

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