Android 12 Adds In An Upgraded Emergency Contact That Provides Faster Calling Accessibility

Android has been at the forefront of technological development and over the years has provided upgrades that we never thought we needed but are now an imperative part of our every day life. The most recent of these updates are involved with an efficient system of emergency contact. Android did us a favor by introducing sliders of our emergency contact and of the agencies in the countries where we are located.

As often, the emergencies are escalated because individuals forget the contact number for emergency agencies and more than often call wrong numbers of agencies not associated with the task adding in delay timings and collaboration time that negate the effectiveness with which the case can be dealt with.

Capitalizing on the demand for an easy reminder of numbers, Android 12 removes any and all need or remembering the contact information by providing the contact information as sliders in the emergency contact page. This is facilitated in a three step information access where Android aims to provide all the resources to the user.

The first of this starts off by providing the option to contact your emergency contact as the initial slide, this is the emergency contact added by you. This can include up to two emergency contacts that can be called on sliding bases by just a single slide.

The second of this involves listing of three emergency agencies of the countries. In most of the countries where the beta release version was tested, the agencies included the police, the fire station and the ambulance. In instances where all three of these agencies are connected by one number in the city, the joint number is also provided there as well.

The third part of this involves providing a number pad as well in case there is uncertainty with the numbers or there is a third party contact that needs to be called in case of an emergency.

While there is no certain news as to whether this feature will come as an update to all the android operating systems or will specifically only be a part of android 12. For the moment only the beta 3 version of android 12 has it whilst beta 2 version and android 11 are still void of this feature. It is hoped that android decides to introduce this feature to all running androids as this is a safety feature that everyone should have rather than a feature that is of luxury.

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