Facebook Is Rolling Out a Feature Which Will Allow Users to Post Anonymously On Groups

Facebook is one of the most well-known social network that currently exist in the digital world. The tech giant has over millions of users who use the application as a means of socializing with their friends and families and the platform provides users with a number of features which help them in their everyday lives.

One such feature is the existence of Groups on the platform. Groups are spaces on which many users are present and they help each other with different queries in life. There are different groups formed for different subjects, like a space for women of a specific country where they can post about things they want, a group page related to care sales and a group page of an alma mater. These are only mere examples and some groups have proven to be such safe places for people that they share their most hurting stories while ask for questions they may be too embarrassed to ask in public.

However, there are certain times when some people are not comfortable in posting on a group mainly because people that they know personally are also present there and they don’t want them to know it is them that are posting because on groups you post with your own username.

The tech giant understood this difficulty and is now introducing a new option for group pages. Matt Navarra who is a social media consultant and is known to unleash upcoming features on applications posted about this new discovery in a tweet. Matt on his Twitter posted a screenshot on which he mentioned that Facebook is now rolling out a feature called Anonymous postings. This feature will allow users to keep their identity hidden and publish a post on any group they want. Previously though this feature was available on only two groups categories which were parenting and health related but the tech giant has now expanded its list.

People under the Matt's tweet had different opinions about this new tool while though many appreciated this addition on the application claiming this will make life easier for a lot of introverts or people who are simply not comfortable posting on large groups under their name while some people thought that this was a bad idea considering how hateful and negative people on the application can be and hiding their identity from a post will only provide them an easier way to spew hate. However, from our perspective how most groups have moderators who review post before letting it be displayed, such a thing is hard to happen.

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