Creators to Tick Another Check Box If They Want to Enlist in The YouTube Partner Program from Now Onwards

YouTube is a great application where thousands and millions of user’s stream, watch videos and create content on daily basis. It is the daily entertainment application for a lot of users and the tech giant has provided opportunities to many people to create a living out of it as well.

The tech giant knows the impact it holds in other people’s lives and therefore works on bringing features which may be helpful to the users as well as help in creating a safer space online for the community.

YouTube has taken another step forward in ensuring that the platform is a safe space for both the creators and viewers and in maintenance of this has issued a new requirement for users willing to join the YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program is a program issued by the tech giant which allows users access to different YouTube resources and features while also gives them a chance to share revenue that comes from YouTube Premium Subscribers watching their content which eventually helps in gaining further monetization on their channel.

In order to become a part of the Partner Program of YouTube, creators have to be eligible and tick a number of boxes that the tech giant has decided but now among those check list boxes, another box of requirement has been added.

From June 2021, any channel that wants to enlists itself in the YouTube Partner Program will have to fulfill another requirement which states that the channel has no active community strikes. This means that the channel must have followed all the rules imposed by YouTube and none of its content should have violated the community guidelines that have been set by the company.

Anyone who fails to do so from now onwards and applies for YouTube Partner Program will immediately be disqualified.

However, from what we believe will happen to the current channels on the YPP is that they will be surveyed strictly to see if they are following the guidelines correctly or not, failing to do so may lead to disqualification from the program. The tech giant though is yet to comment on the matter.

This is a great step taken by YouTube, because ensuring that the channels that are getting the most recognition on their platform are following the community guidelines and making sure what content they are providing to their users is appropriate or not is a job that must be done.

H/T: Matt NavarraBenjamin Ward.
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