YouTube is experimenting with an ever wanted ‘loop’ button

YouTube has been the biggest video streaming platform for the longest time now, and it surely is an amazing platform to watch or post your own videos on. YouTube is the home to all kinds of visual content be it news, entertainment or music videos, you can find them all on YouTube. YouTube has always been a platform that values its creators and audience, which is why they keep on developing new features. Recently YouTube developed an ever longed feature that solved the problem of many people that like to use YouTube for listening to their favorite song. Let’s discuss this interesting new feature and the problem it solves in detail.

Have you ever wanted to plug in your headphones, lay down and close your eyes and listen to your favorite music and keep listening to it on a loop? Well if you are someone that loves music, your answer is probably a big yes. But if you have ever tried doing the same thing while using YouTube to play music you are probably aware of the struggle of opening up your eyes and pressing the replay button to play the song again or pressing the back button in case your auto play was on. Every music lover understands that opening your eyes and replaying the song destroys the whole experience of listening to that song.

Users were facing this problem since a long time but now YouTube have solved this problem by creating a new option for videos to be automatically replayed once they finish. This new option was released several days ago and was only on limited devices and only a little group of users reported having it, however now more and more people are getting this feature on their devices.

Turning on the replay option for a video is really simple, all you have to do is to tap the 3 dots on the top right of the YouTube video that you are watching, pressing on the 3 dots slides up a box from the bottom of your screen. This box consists of several options, which includes the quality, report, playback speed and the new ‘loop’ option.

Other apps that are made solely for the purpose of listening to music always had an upper hand on YouTube when it comes to listening to songs. YouTube have realized this and have now started working on features like listening controls and this new loop button, the addition of these new features will make the platform friendlier towards music.

H/T: Twitter @tasteless_05
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