These 5 Android Apps are a serious threat to your phone’s security

With the increase in the use of technology amongst people, hacking and data stealing of mobile devices, social media accounts and computers have become a common thing. There are numerous ways hackers can use to get into your devices and steal information and bad actors have been creating new and improved methods to do their job. However, the newest technique that hackers have developed to get into your phones without you ever knowing about it will surely blow your mind.

Hackers are now developing apps that are a clone of other popular apps, users sign up on these apps and give it device access thinking that the app is safe to use, this makes it easier for hackers to get access to the phone’s data, personal details and even information as sensitive as credit card and bank account numbers.

According to BitDefender a leading cyber security company, hackers make clone of apps and then try numerous methods to gain personal data through the installed app. People whose have such app installed can get their information stolen and delivered into the wrong hands. So if you are an Android user, you should immediately check your phone and confirm that no such app is downloaded on your device.

With Google’s increased security its getting difficult for hackers to upload apps that can hack a device on Google Play so hackers have found an alternative way to create a copy of already existing apps and upload them on different websites. Android allows users to download apps from unknown locations, which is why android users are the usual target of these hackers.

Teabot is a virus that once deployed can easily allow the hacker to get access to the user’s texts messages, personal information and even bank details. Hackers are building these clone apps and are planting the Teabot virus inside them, once installed into a device the Teabot quickly starts doing its work. The clone’s these hackers build is very professional and work just like the official version of the apps, this makes it very difficult for users to spot that the app they downloaded and are using is a copy of the original version.

The 5 apps that you should avoid downloading from sources other than the Google Play store are Uplift, BookReader, PlutoTV, Kaspersky and VLC Media Player. However, you should not be worried about downloading these apps from the play store, as play store has the original versions of these apps.

This new technique of hacking has been increasing a lot lately, being an android user you should keep your phone safe by not downloading apps from unknown sources and stick to Google Play store.

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