Survey reveals how businesses have gotten more serious towards encrypting their data

While technological advancements are being made all over the globe, people are getting more and more dependent on their tech devices, apart from people big companies and organization are also moving towards technology as it makes work easier for them while also cutting costs thus increasing their profits. Day by day computers are getting more advanced but with the advancements hacking and data stealing has also significantly increased. While computers sure have a lot of benefits, its main drawback is the hacking of computers and stealing of important and private data.

Nowadays it is easy for hackers to breach data which is why a lot of companies are spending money to keep their data encrypted thus saving it from getting stolen. ‘Vanson Bourne’ a specialized IT and information company recently conducted a survey on encryption, the result of the survey was quite interesting and showed how brands and businesses are getting much more concerned about the security of their data. Let’s dive into the numbers and stats to find out more.

When the encryption and security of companies were compared to the encryption they had a year before, the results were mind blowing as around 32% of the company’s encryption was better than the one they had the year before. More over the survey revealed that around 31% of the companies expect their data to be encrypted no matter if the data is at rest or is currently in transit, apart from that 24% companies believe that their data should be encrypted when saved into their computers or cloud.

With the world going into a pandemic after the COVID 19 virus came out, companies had to work remotely, this was not a good news for IT and data companies as data was now not moving through a safe and private network but from numerous devices and connections. The pandemic forced these companies to increase their encryption and security, the survey reveals that the 27% of IT companies said that they have increased the ways in which they protect their data.

With increasing data breaching encryption of data is the way forward, the new US president Joe Biden sent an executive order stating that companies need to protect their data and adopt encryption on data whether it is at rest or in transit, furthermore the president said that if there is any time to start encrypting data it is now.

In the survey employees were asked about the main causes of data breaching in their company, mostly replied that it is due to lack of encryption and the misplacement and stealing of devices.

The survey revealed that 77% of the employees said that their company has a policy that encrypts data that is stored on any storage device that can be removed. Big IT companies when asked about encryption on their devices said that they are working towards expanding encryption on these devices.

This survey conducted by Vanson Bourne proves that data encryption is important for companies to survive in the future.

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