YouTube rolls out a tweaked video Description section on mobile devices to make Like, Views and Date more prominent

YouTube is the second more searched website in the world after Google as this platform has more than 2 billion active monthly users where they can watch, share or upload their own videos. During the quarantine situation, people are watching more YouTube videos than TV shows. YouTube is launching different features to help users better understand the platform, as recently, the platform has extended its description user interface (UI) so that people can get a better overview of a video they are watching such as the accurate likes count, the actual views that the video is having, and the exact date when the video was published. This will give users a more solid reason to like or watch the video after getting the complete information.

Now users can get a more detailed overview by clicking the description of a video they are watching and it means this detailed overview section can be neglected easily if users do not pay attention by tapping the description user interface. This extra detail of videos is rolling out to more people and many beta testers have already seen this feature in working. This YouTube update will probably help users to understand the popularity and relevance of any videos.

The main drawback that YouTube needs to review that is when the user opens the detailed information of a video; the dislike ratio of the video will vanish from the screen (as YouTube wants users to focus more on the positive side by showing only the like counts). And it may make people curious about why YouTube has not paid enough attention to the dislike ratio because that is also an important part and shows the quality of the video. The extended overview of the video will give users the same experience across from the desktop, to laptop to Android and iOS device. If users want to like or dislike the video they will have to close the detailed description to access the like, share or dislike option. You can check out the updated video description UI in the screenshots below and for comparison or reference purposes you can also take a peak at this post, where you'll be able to view the old UI.

Current/Upcoming Users Interface Of YouTube Video Description:

Old/Previous UI Of YouTube Video Description:

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