YouTube provides update on Self-Certification Feature, Timed Comments Experiment, Mobile Permissions, and More

YouTube is one of the biggest video platforms in the world with more than 2 billion monthly active users. People are now not just watching videos but many of them have started their own channel to influence many people around. However, keeping in view the increasing number of creators on this platform, YouTube is bringing some exciting updates like a few weeks ago it launched the 4K video quality that mobile users can watch on their device to increase their experience.

Recently, YouTube has launched a Self-certification update, through self-certification, YouTube makes monetization decisions easily and accurately with the combination of machine learning and human input to decide what content complies with the advertiser-friendly guidelines and what does not. In other words, what content might get you a yellow dollar sign icon which means you can get limited ads, and there is also a green dollar sign icon which means fully monetizable. The problem with YouTube’s self-certification was that it defaulted previously to the algorithmic monetization rating if a creator self-certifies any of their videos incorrectly. Now, as per Creator Insider, in the new update, YouTube allowed the creators to make two incorrect ratings on two separate videos per 90 days before defaulting back to the algorithmic monetization rating. The system of YouTube will only punish such creators who intentionally self-certify as green on its upload when it’s in fact yellow.

YouTube has also shared updates on mobile permissions, previously when the creators allowed someone access to their channel through permissions can only do so through studio desktop version, but now the great news is in the coming weeks, YouTube will be rolling that access to YouTube studio mobile as well, now the delegate users can use this access to view mobile dashboard, artist’s analytics, as well as video meta-data settings. This permission will be launching on Android devices first and it will be launched later on iOS devices later.

Now the Experiments links from the Main app to studio, this link is going under your videos list in the library, YouTube is trying to make it easier for the creator to switch between the two apps, for instance, in the case of uploading videos.

YouTube is also testing an exciting feature of time commenting to a specific moment that you are watching videos that can give more contexts and will share the best conversation experience through comments. However, it is being experimented with a small group of users and a small group of videos; if you want to check whether you are a part of this test, tap on the top comment on Timed Beta on your Android or iOS device. This will be introduced to all users soon.

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