You might soon be able to read comments on YouTube videos while viewing it in full screen

YouTube comment section is one crowded place, well not only crowded with users all over the world but also their opinions, appreciations and random jokes about the video. Apart from that YouTube comment section is one good place to be. At times you find comments so funny that they make you laugh until your stomach hurts while at times you read an interesting story or learn a new fact that you can impress people with. The YouTube comment section is nearly if not as entertaining as YouTube videos.

Have you ever found the comment section under a YouTube video so interesting that you wanted to read the comments of that video while watching it, or you have a habit of reading comments under every YouTube video you watch, while watching a video in portrait mode, you can press on the comments button under the video which open up the comments of that video. However, you cannot read the comments of a YouTube video when watching that video in full screen, as the video covers your whole screen. This was a problem for users that wanted to read comments while watching the video in full screen for a better experience.

Well, now YouTube have started testing a new way for users to read the comments of a video while watching it in full screen, this new feature is currently under limited testing and have only a few people have reported having it, including, @workrecandplay, @vincinama and u/FlickaClick.

After turning on full screen, users will see a smaller version of the comment section alongside the minimized version of their YouTube video. Well the comment section that appears beside your video in full screen is can actually be dragged down if you don’t want to or are done reading the comments. Once you drag down the comment section, the minimized version of the video returns back to full screen.

With this new change users would be able to read comments on the videos of their favorite creators, while also watching them. The new feature will be warmly welcomed by people that like to read comments while watching a video, but people that find reading comments useless and annoying would really hate this new feature.

Right now no one known when this feature will roll out as it is currently under testing and YouTube has not announced a release date for this new feature.

Screenshot: @vincinama

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