Reddit is rolling out its new interface which is almost as similar as the one available on TikTok

In early 2018, Reddit caught everyone’s eye when the discussion platform announced that they will be altering their web design almost after 10 successful years. And ever since 2018, the site kept bringing in new changes in its interface. And recently the site is finally rolled out its TikTok-inspired interface for scrolling videos, as spotted by Samarth.

Back in 2018, one of the most prominent change was when the site updated their mascot. Other than the mascot getting redrawn, the engineers and developers at Reddit even changed some features such as bringing in menu option on the corner left. As a result, the outlook was similar to tumblr. Not just this, but they even brought in a Facebook like interface through card view. This is because they gave three different interface modes to their readers. These modes also included a classic view and a compact view for more concentrated information.

The developers at Reddit didn’t just shift the options, but they also made things more user friendly. Instead of redirecting the users to a new tab, they tried to minimize it as much as they can by opening the posts on the same page in a box. This will help users in saving up their storage by minimizing tabs. They even Introduced new fonts with different colors to highlight links that can open a new tab or lead to another post. To grab there user’s attention, the developers even increased the size of the button that allows them to share their views by posting them.

While talking about the changes that were about to be brought in, the Chief Executive Officer of reddit, Steve Huffman posted that they wanted to get rid of the empty white spaces from their site. These white spaces were reminding of the early days of Internet. While the developers were satisfied with new interface, the users seemed to have different views. Some of them were not in favor of the changes being made and wanted to restore the previous changes. To satisfy their readers, Reddit told them that they can switch back to the old interface for their easiness as they had no plan to let the current site.

Similarly, before bringing in the TikTok-like interface, the platform already made it available for live streams only as a test run, and after receiving a positive response, they finally decided to take it up for normal videos as well.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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