Instagram is reportedly changing its close friends feature to a selected followers feature

Remember the times when you wanted to upload stories of a crazy night out but couldn't as you told your colleagues that you'll be busy with work and won't join them, or when you didn't share a meme or post on your story as a lot of your followers would dislike it.

Instagram understood this problem faced by its users. Which is why in 2018 they came up with the 'close friends' feature.

With the close friend’s feature user could choose between posting something on their main story or to their close friend's story. The close friends story as the name suggest allows users to select a list of their followers, the close friends story can only be seen by these selected number of followers.

The close friends feature solved a big problem for users that retained from posting stories they don't want certain followers to see and soon this feature was a big hit amongst users.

Instagram is now reportedly making new and interesting changes to its close friend’s feature.

Alessandro Paluzzi suggest that the company will change the name of its close friends feature to 'selected followers'. The selected followers will enable users to select a different audience for each of their stories, this feature will give them an option for each story they post, making the user experience a whole lot better.

The selected followers feature is a whole lot better than the close friends feature as with the selected followers feature users can easily select which story cannot be viewed by which follower unlike the close friend’s feature.

The selected followers feature will be a great help for people that don't have different accounts for professional and private reasons, as they can easily select which of their followers can view which particular story.

The first reports regarding this feature came back in April and now the news is much more confirmed, it is expected that Instagram will soon announce the release of this feature.

Apart from this an Instagram user on Twitter made a very interesting comment. The user believes that this new selected followers feature can be used by famous celebrities as a subscription model making their stories only visible to people that pay for them thus increasing monetization on the platform.

This can be true since a whole lot of social platforms are introducing new and unique ways to monetize their apps for creators as more ways of monetization means a better revenue for the creator thus attracting more creators to the platform. With more creators on a platform, more users would be attracted thus generating a whole lot of revenue for the platform.

This new feature is not yet officially announced by Instagram, but it is expected that the release date of the feature will be disclosed in the near future. Once released the feature will prove to be very successful for Instagram and will surely drive a lot of traffic to the platform.

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