Google Finally Launches Its End-to-End Encryption on Android Messages App After Months of Beta Testing

Google always tries to bring about new features and updates on all its devises and currently the tech giant has announced a new set of updates on their Android phones. Though among the list there are a set of new updates, the coolest and most talked about one has surely got to be the new encryption messaging feature the tech giant has announced.

Prior to today, Google was testing an end to end encryption to protect their users’ messages on their Android phones and provide a secure way of communication for its users. However, previously this was only limited to a beta version, but turns out now Google Messages app is no longer limited to its beta version only because the Android team on its YouTube channel had released a video in which they explained the process of encryption and in no sentence did they mention the word beta limit for this feature. So we are sure, this is now readily and fully available to the large population using Google Messages.

What needs to be make sure of is that this feature is only available on Google Messages app (that can be downloaded through Play Store) and will not work for group chats or simple SMS messages. Users who are willing to protect their messages through this encryption feature will have to make sure that both the recipients of the conversation have a pad lock like option which is present on the send button turned on, with an active internet connection at both sides. In cases where the internet connectivity is poor or one of the users have not turned on the pad lock option, the messages will be held back until connectivity is restored and will only be secured if the pad lock is turned on both sides.

If you want to use the web version for this, you should know that end to end encryption is turned on it by default and cannot be reversed on the browser version.

Apart from this, Google is also using a single protocol number that will generate security key numbers which will only be present on the device on which the conversation is being held and you can also send it to the other recipient of the conversation to assure your chat partner that it is really you on the conversation and not some attacker or hacker who is trying to get into your account.

This is a really great feature that Google is introducing because though Apple provides users with its encryption on its messaging feature, a lot of the population are Android users who deserve the same sense of security as well. This will also be a great security measure for Android users who do not use other third party online messaging applications.

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