WhatsApp will disable the backup option for stories updates in the upcoming versions

WhatsApp has announced a new version via Google play Beta program updating the version from to In the previous version of WhatsApp, the company upgraded the chat bubbles and now WhatsApp is planning to work on other features as well.

In the present WhatsApp version, users are allowed to back up their status updates to easily locate them when the app was downloaded again. Surprisingly, WhatsApp will not going to do the same in the updated version, as reported by WABI. The latest version will not back up status updates to make sure the storage is conserved while backing up the chats.

Regardless of the fact that the storage capacity will be limitless if the chats back up are stored in Google drive, still WhatsApp is surely proposing this modification. According to the company, the chat history can also be saved in the phone storage that will make the space full and important files cannot be downloaded. This change was much needed as people often upload whole movies as their story update which can unnecessarily fill up the back up space. Deactivating this ability for status updates can let users preserve storage on their smartphone.

It is completely pointless to save the status updates as they are meant to disappear after 24 hours. Apple also disabled the option of saving status to preserve storage on iCloud while WhatsApp will discontinue this feature for Android as well in the upcoming version.

WhatsApp also revealed plenty of details on highly anticipated improvements like multi-device compatibility, a vanishing feature, and a separate app for iPad users. The multiple device capability would allow users to operate four devices and that too does not require access to the Internet or even main device. To log in from another device, users can only access WhatsApp web and internet connection is necessary to remain connected with the main source.

WhatsApp is also going to introduce a latest vanishing option. Whenever the feature is activated, all messages delivered will be deleted after a certain amount of time has passed. Within separate chats, users must already enable vanishing mode. WhatsApp might also use a function equivalent to Snapchat's 'View Once' function. The messages or media will only be available for viewing once, as the term implies.

The updates are expected to release in the upcoming months when the new version will become publicly available.

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