Google is bringing some new methods to help businesses in making changes in their profiles quickly from Maps and Search

Through business profiles on the Google platform, businesses can conveniently connect with more clients on the internet. There is no doubt profile is very important on this platform because if the profile of your business is unique and good, it can give customers a reason to choose your business every single time. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have started selling online and it can be a great time to make a professional profile on this massive platform. To assist brands and enterprises, Google is bringing more ways to edit the info without exiting Maps and Search so that can save more time. Google introduced an option prior year that allowed enterprises to modify their info and message client from the search findings.

Google has made it very simple for businesses to include more basic details on their profile and they can also make changes in it just like business timings, and contact details of brand and enterprises can also make posts directly from search. The platform has made it very simple for businesses to add posts on their account directly from SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for exceptional offers or if they are bringing a fresh product to the market. The platform is unveiling this new option in the next few days that will allow enterprises to post about the digital future events so that more people can join through the internet.

Those businesses who are providing their services locally can also modify their services by going to the “EDIT PROFILE” option in the search result, for instance, an electrician can now change his service to a plumber, or he can even add both through the edit option. The platform has also provided an option to food stores to make delivery and can also take requests, and even they can add a menu of different products they are offering quickly through their profile on search results and Google Maps. The platform has said that it will bring more options in the coming future to facilitate more businesses so that they will be able to show their priority orders for takeaway and deliveries that will inform the customers about the specific fields that enterprise provides the best services.

Google Company has also made it simple for outlets and enterprises to automatically add all the products’ stock on their profile through scanning that is available in the warehouse instead of adding it manually one-by-one that can consume more time. Enterprises can also take the benefit of this free service up to the end of September.

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