WhatsApp is making sticker searching easier and solving all issues related to the archived chats on its iOS beta version

WhatsApp is one the best online messaging application and to make sure that the social media giant holds this title intact, the company makes the use of its application easier and more convenient for its users by introducing new and unique features.

Recently, WhatsApp yet again introduced a number of features for their millions of users and among all these features two apparently stand out the most, particular for iOS users.

The first feature the company is planning to release for Apple users is related to searching of emoji’s and stickers on the keypad of the texting application and though the search option is not something new for the users, the change has been brought about in a way which will alert users when a sticker of their requirement has been found. In this new change, which is currently still instilled in the Beta version of WhatsApp, which means only a small amount of iOS users specifically can use it.

While this may be a great feature to some users as it will make sticker searching easier for all the sticker craze text-errs, my personal favorite and I am sure a favorite new update for a lot of others has definitely got to be this one. The concept of archiving a chat has been that once you hide a chat it doesn't reappear until you text on the chat box, however with WhatsApp this has always been different where an archived chat pops back up on the main chat menu when a message arrives from the recipient. However, looks like WhatsApp is now working on this as well because on the iOS beta version, WhatsApp is testing a new way for archived chats. Through this update, the archive chats will not appear on the main menu even if it receives a message in the inbox. Some changes will also appear where users will be able to manage multiple archived chats at the same time with the edit button while the archived chat cell will still remain on the top where it is currently present. However, the chat cell will tell you the number of chats that are unread on the archived menu while currently it only displays the number of chats hidden. In case of an archived group it will show the contact name of the person on the archived cell in case they mention you on a group.

The company apart from this is working on several other features which are going to be similarly useful for its users and while both the above mentioned features are still in their testing phases we cannot wait for them to be launched officially for the public soon.

H/T: WABI Blog.

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