New “view once” feature similar to Instagram will be released on WhatsApp too

WhatsApp is one of the most frequently used application and is also the one that covers most of the internal storage of the mobile phone. This is because of all the media it receives through out the day and gets saved everyday in the backup at night. However, ever since Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp, many similar features keeps getting introduced on both platforms to help the users. Recently a new feature is expected to make its entry that can help WhatsApp users to prevent their storage from getting fed up with media.

Currently according to the tweet posted by WABetaInfo, a new feature will be released on WhatsApp. The idea for this has been taken from Instagram’s view once feature which allows the media to be viewed only once after it has been received, once it has been opened up the receiver, the media file will no longer be available to anyone. However, it will notify the sender whether the media file that was delivered, has been viewed by the receiver or not. This feature works just like it works on Instagram. One of the biggest advantage of this new tool is that it won’t let media file to take up the storage of its users.

This feature is still in it early stages and may not be available till it gets through a successful test run which will include a short number of users being able to use it and give their suggestions. If the test release goes successful then the feature will roll out for general users as well.

While this feature is expected to make its entry, another new feature was also announced by the WhatsAppBetaInfo earlier this week. This new feature will enable multiple devices to get linked with one another through same WhatsApp account even without an Internet connection. The availability for these two features is still not clear yet however it is expected that the upcoming version of WhatsApp will be hosting these new tools. The upcoming version will be for all the devices that can support WhatsApp, either it be Android, iOS, WhatsApp for desktop or even the web version of this application

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