Google Provides More Password Security to Its Users Through Password Manager

Google is one of the top tech giants that provides users with a variety of digital products and accounts, however all those accounts are secured by your own passwords.

One thing that Google makes sure is that users keep a password which is strong enough to not get leaked, however in keeping such passwords users forget them later considering how many letter and numbers they include to make the password hard, in order to protect it.

However, weak passwords are at a risk of cyber criminals who can hack into your multiple accounts if you use it everywhere.

Google though provides users with a pop up message when it detects a third party trying to get into your account and advices you to change your password. Is it enough? Passwords online are constantly at risk of breaching and cyber criminals have access to so many accounts that get hacked without users knowing so this effort by Google seems to go in vain.

Now the tech giant has come up with a handy feature through the help of its Password Manager which will help users in maintaining their password privacy. Google will give users an option which will suggest them strong and effective passwords while at the same time it will also provide the option to save those passwords through its new built in password manager. However, the coolest feature has got to be the ability to track your passwords and change them when it gets leak publicly.

You can avail all these features when you are creating a new account. When users will be asked to choose a password, upon clicking on the password box to enter the password they will also be provided with an option which will suggest and recommend you to use strong passwords and in case if that does not happen you can right click on the password box and will be presented with an option called generate password which will also do the same work of recommendation.

The chosen password will then automatically be saved by the service.

Though in case you want to make your own password don’t think Password manager will be of no use. This service will still come in handy, because it will enlighten you about your exposed password in case it gets leaked and advice you to do something about it.

All Google users should make use of this feature as it is another step closer from protecting your accounts from potential criminals online.

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