Twitter's new feature for iOS users makes sharing stories directly on Instagram super simple

Are you tired of filling up your storage with dozens of tweet screenshots every day just to post on other platforms? Well, Twitter has a solution for you. The platform started testing out a new feature last December that lets users post tweets directly to Instagram.

The feature is now available for all as claimed by Twitter on Tuesday. The platform believes that limiting such great entertainment to one place is a waste of potential and has been working to improve its base as seen by the introduction of tweets to Whatsapp on Android and Snapchat. Although the tweets shared on Instagram will be limited to iOS, it is a great initiative nevertheless.

Furthermore, the tweets can even be adorned with decor as you would like. The sharing process is pretty simple. You just need to select the share icon below the tweet of interest and click share on Instagram which will make the tweet appear as a sticker on the app. The sticker of the tweet can then be posted along with various other Instagram stickers, music, and such adornments.

Also, before posting the tweet, Twitter is going to ask for your permission, and once granted, your tweets will appear in a rather orderly manner with perfectly rounded edges on your Instagram story. As always, Twitter is the epitome of delicacy as seen by the detail added to the features.

Although Twitter claims the feature to be perfectly ready for public use, we do not think it is as primed as the platform believes. The sharing option is a great set for sharing tweets with texts and pictures however when it comes to videos, the feature isn't all that prepped. According to Verge, the video shared turned out to be a static photo.

Although Twitter is expanding its base to other sites, it isn’t as welcoming to content from platforms outside. Or maybe the platforms don’t consider Twitter to be of much value. Either way, it is still a major problem that content shared from Instagram to Twitter remains only as a URL on the feed with no preview of any sort.

The only drawback is that the tweets will not directly open up from the story. This means you won't just click on the tweet to find its source page, instead, you'll have to head over to Twitter to find it. This is pretty tiresome but Twitter did not promise to deliver the option for sharing tweets and it did fulfill it right?

Twitter has been launching new features left and right and we cannot wait to find out what it has in store for us next!
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