With the help of the new tool, Under 18 in UK can now report their nudes images that have been posted online

Early teenage is the time period in which one is not mature enough to take any decision properly and can be manipulated easily at some occasions. One of the rising problem being observed every year is the nude pictures getting posted online of young people without their consent. A situation like this can disturb anyone mentally forcing them to feel alone or insecure and sometimes it can even get worse.

To help such young people who want their nudes taken down from the Internet, two of the famous charity and counselling agencies namely Internet Watch Foundation and Childline came forward. They introduced a new feature that can help victims even if they want things done anonymously.

According to IWF there are several reason that can lead to nudes getting leaked. This may include getting blackmailed by someone or sending them for entertainment or sending them out to their relationship partners. Statistic report released by Internet Watch Foundation showed that only in the first 90 days of 2021, 38000 of the reported images were taken by victims themselves. This is why the charity believes that introducing this new tool is needed now more than ever. Not only this feature can take down the pictures that have been posted but, if the children are scared that they might get posted in future, they can still report it too through the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children’s website.

The tool works by receiving the URL from the victim. With the help of the URL, the picture will be inspected by the Foundation and if it will go against the guidelines then a result, it will be taken down. Similarly if a picture has not been posted yet but it can potentially be posted in future then a digital fingerprint for the image will be created and shared with law enforcement agencies and tech firms. All of this can be done anonymously as well. The head of the Charity foundation, Susie Hargreaves told that the aim behind this new tool is to empower those who have fallen in the wrong hands and will help them to get themselves a second chance.

The counselling agencies told that a situation like this can have a serious impact on the victim. They feel alone and are not sure whom to seek out for help. They even shared a experience in which a fourteen years old girl reached out to them and told how an Instagram account keeps posting her nudes. According to her the account portrayed itself as her friend and after receiving the nudes it started to post it and followed her friends as well.

This is why this new tool has been introduced to help those young people who are too afraid to reach out for help or don’t know how to handle such situation.
H/T: TheGuardian.

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