New Monetization options will be added for content creators including short video featuring ads, by Facebook

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram were introduced for entertainment purposes only, but now they are providing much more than that. These platforms are now helping there users to make money.

Recently the social media giant Facebook, has decided to update its options for monetization by introducing a new range through which content makers can earn more. The platform will now be promoting short video content which is expected to bring Tiktok under competition. However, for a video to be eligible to be considered for monetization, it should be a minute longer maximum. This 1 minute time limit is 2 times the length of content available on Facebook owned Instagram's reel. Hence for someone who can make 30 sec long video, can add another 30 sec with an advertisement appearing after 30 sec minimum and can earn easy money.

If a creator can stretch their content to more than 3 minutes, the ad time can jump up to 45 secs. This is an updated policy since prior to this, the criteria for monetization for stream ads applied on videos stretching up to 3 min or more.

Facebook is without any doubt the biggest social media platform, and an opportunity to make money and get linked with this network will be giving a tough time to other similar apps like Tiktok. And according to the statement released by the company, they are planning to test options for stories as well, so with ads in stories, users can get their part of money generated. This is a proof that Facebook is indeed more focused towards short video content and after sharing this plan, it is hard to expect any backing out from their plan and it can be expected that the more the opportunities Facebook will provide for monetization, the more tough time Tiktok will be facing.

Its not just the already posted content which has been considered for monetization, but now even the live streaming is open for monetization. New set of eligibility criteria has been declared which includes a total of 60000 Live min views on a streamed content in last two months. If someone is fulfilling this criteria then they can run ads as well while streaming.

Tiktok is currently one of the top rising application. It gained popularity in a short period of time, however, if the social media giant continues to bring in more revenue options, then Tiktok will need to be more focused to make sure that they keep their monetization steady because if the app is not able to pay off their creators then they will start seeking out more options . Previously the same thing had happened with Vine application as it fell short for monetization gadgets and content makers left the application along with their followers. Hence if Tiktok wants to survive, it needs to find in more ways to make sure it convince its audience to stay intact even when Facebook is providing similar opportunities.

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