Twitter Spaces is all set to gain more success in the audio conversation world as it introduced a list of new features among which two stand out the most

Twitter introduced Spaces which is something similar to the famous audio only conversation app called Clubhouse, when it got popular among the public and started making rounds on the internet.

However, though Clubhouse was the more popular one a while ago looks like Spaces has taken its place for a whole lot of reasons, which include more user reach and easier accessibility. Twitter, however, is not stopping with Spaces and the blue bird just introduced a number of features for its Twitter Spaces, among which two apparently stand out the most.

Twitter announced a number of features for Spaces, like pre scheduling of conversation on Spaces to alert the people beforehand, accessibility of Spaces through PCs now and the new Space tab. Among all these, is another new feature which the company has been working to bring on for months and it is the downloading of the already occurred Spaces.

Twitter as a part of their announcement, explained that users can now download their Spaces conversations which have taken place before however, the only rule is that the audio conversation has to be within 30 days old. Conversation or Spaces older than that will not be accessible. Why is that?

This is because, the process of downloading Spaces currently is not a proper one yet. Though users can download an audio conversation later, they will have to download all their personal files to access those conversations. This is because Twitter keeps the audio conversations of the last 30 days saved on the personal files for moderation purposes and to access their Spaces audio users will have to send a download request through the My Account section, by tapping on Download and archive of your data and then select “Request Archive” to have access to all your data including the audio space conversation.

This looks like a lot of material to download just to receive a simple audio conversation, however Twitter is working on this and hopefully it will provide users a more convenient way to get access of their already happened conversation data. Till then users will have to adjust on this method only, however this is not a bad method either and users can get hold of their data within 24 hours of request.

This new feature will be a great one for users who hold audio conversations because through downloading users can re upload them on their profiles for people who missed out on the live conversation and this will also be a way to broaden their listeners and strengthen their audience.

However, the only drawback right now is that users will have to ask consent from the speakers who participated in the conversation before re posting it permanently and though this is not something necessary, it is something ethical and should be followed. While Twitter has not put up an option for consent from speakers to repost the conversation, it is working on it as well.

Apart from this, Alessandro Paluzzi, who is a mobile developer and famous for unleashing hidden feature just brought to focus another new feature that Twitter might be introducing on its Spaces.

The social giant is working on bringing an option which will help users search for Spaces which will be happening at that moment. This means that the search feature will only be available to look up Live conversations taking place.

This too is a great feature, as hundreds of Spaces conversations take place on Twitter simultaneously and this will help users search up the conversation they are looking for and wanting to be a part of more efficiently, without taking much of their time.

However, this feature is still under processing and testing and it may take a few weeks before it is launched for the public, so don’t go around questioning as to why it is not available to you right now.

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