Google is making browsing experience far more convenient for Search users through its new tests

Google knows that it is the most used search engine by people for a lot of their queries and considering how people type in the search bar for even the tiniest of questions or ideas they need answers for, the tech giant hence realizes it worth and impact in their life. Keeping all this in mind, Google consistently brought about new updates on the search engine to make browsing and searching a lot easier for you.

The tech giant as a part of its new update, test a new option in the “people also ask category”. While searching something on Google, you may have always seen a People also ask category, which contains a bunch of related questions to the question you had inserted in the search bar. Though the people also ask category has always proven to be useful for people in gathering related information, the tech giant has now made it far more convenient. As per Brodie Clark, Google tests select bubble refinements underneath the “People also ask category” section, which contains a bunch of categories on which you may want your searched question to be directed. For example, if you search for the word SEO, the people you also ask column will automatically be opened on the All category, however next to it will be other related search selection bubbles like blogging, backlinks, basics etc., clicking on which will show questions on the box of the same searched topic but related to the tapped category.

This feature will help users in efficient and quick searches on the categorized topic they are looking for.

Apart from this, Google is also testing another search update, where through searching a specific topic on the search bar, the Google along with the searched topic will show a category named “Browse More Ideas” related to the specific topic. For example, if you search for birthday party ideas, the browse more ideas will show you related searches like birthday party gift ideas, Birthday party decoration ideas etc.

H/T: Saad AK

The concept of both these updates is to make searching and browsing easier for the users of Google and save their time by popping up related and relevant search ideas that the company thinks that the users might be interested in.

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