Twitter is taking some necessary actions to protect its platform from spam to ensure everyone’s security

Ever since Twitter became a global platform and started to host the most powerful people including the political figures of many countries as well as famous celebrities, artists and social workers, the app started to require more check up on its users.

Any controversial tweet being posted has the power to enrage a large group of people this is why lately Twitter has been working on different features to ensure the posted tweet is not spreading any false information that can lead to any kind on unrest situation.

There are various ways through which the developers try to make sure that the platform is safe for everyone. Recently the Twitter even posted a tweet highlighting this that some of the users might be facing a glitch in their followers count. This is not a technical fault, this is the checkup procedure in which users are asked to confirm their passwords and the phone numbers. If they fail to do so, then they won’t be able to access their account and won’t be shown in anyone’s follower list. This step helps to eliminate bot accounts who at the starting were not considered to be a threat but soon they started to tweet controversial replies and became a threat.

To make twitter a bot and threat free platform, a massive crackdown was carried out in which millions of fake accounts were removed from the social network platform. As reported by BBC, this took place back in 2018. In 2020, the issue started to catch everyone’s eye again. In response to this, almost twenty thousand accounts were removed who were either fake or bot accounts. In the summary that was released after this action, stated that these fake and bot accounts were linked with the governments of Indonesia, Serbia, Egypt and KSA.

Still there are many fake and bot accounts who are still available and are yet to be taken down but it can be expected that Twitter will keep finding ways through which they can handle such problems at an early stage.

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