Snapchat introduces new ways to expand Spotlight, plus, it will soon let you share your live locations privately with your friends

We all know that once an application goes viral or gains a lot of fame, other companies make it their business to create a similar looking feature as the one that got popular and Snapchat did the same when it came to TikTok’s popularity.

TikTok got popular but got banned in some countries and that was the time many applications came up with their own copied version and one of them was Snapchat which introduced its TikTok version called “Spotlight”.

However, Snapchat now works really hard to make sure users enjoy Spotlight the same way they have always loved TikTok and to ensure this they come up with new features and plans to make their space unique and for it to expand.

One such tactic to achieve this was used by Snapchat recently where it now has collaborated with app developers and have created a feature called “Creative Kit” on Spotlight. This new feature and collaboration will give app developers a way to introduce their apps on Spotlight and let users use its tools directly on the application. When one users use it, others can also find it on the search bar and download it if they like the features of the application.

This is something similar to the filters on Snapchat, where some users create a filter and others can use and save it as well through simply searching the name of the filter.

According to Snapchat, this is a great way for them to expand Spotlight as this new collaboration between app developers and Snapchat will give Snapchat a number of new features while at the same time will give recognition to the application produced by the app developers. It will also be a great achievement for developers’ application in case it gets viral.

Snapchat has assured developers that it will not cut any kind of commission out of the earnings that the developers receive from their platform so that is a great news.

Apart from this, another great feature, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, that Snapchat is testing is the ability to share your live locations with friends. While before, anybody could see your live location on Maps of Snapchat only if your location was enabled, now from what we believe you will be able to share your location with your friends privately without your whole friend list knowing where you are.

However, any further information can only be given by Snapchat itself and the tech giant has not spoken on the matter as of now.

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