Twitter Spaces introduced a new UI with new place for displaying speaker name along with remaining speakers that can still be added

Being labelled as one of the biggest competition to Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces is also brining in some changes to its platform. These changes may not be big but they will surely keep reminding that the app developers are focusing even on the tiniest detail of the application and updating it if possible.

Recently a new update has been rolled out for the application. This new update introduced a new User Interface where the name of the speaker has been shifted to the top of the page in a space, along with the Add speakers option. The new UI also shows the number of speakers that can still be add to fill the empty positions of an ongoing audio only chat room. Currently, the speaker limit for Twitter Spaces is 11 speakers in a single room. These 11 slots include the Host as well.

Though the update may not be a big one but developers of Twitter Spaces believe that the more accessible and user friendly the application is the more number of users it will attract. This is the reason why in comparison to the growing Clubhouse application, Twitter Spaces is still considered to be much easier than Clubhouse. Even after reaching this level, the developers are showcasing that there will always be a room available to make things more user friendly. This will not only attract more users but at the same time Twitter Spaces will keep giving competition to other audio only chat applications as well.

Twitter Spaces is also getting ready for an upcoming competition. Recently social media giant, Facebook has announced to release its own audio room feature. The reason why Facebook is going to make things more tough is because of all the famous creators it already holds and once they’ll start their own show, a large number of audience will be willing to hear them speak. Also, Facebook will notify about the trending room of groups that will be followed by the user. Such options are still not available neither on Twitter Spaces nor on Clubhouse.

However, in comparison of these three audio only chat rooms, Twitter Spaces still dominates the other two based on the reach it is receiving along with user friendly features provided by them. Hence it can be expected that this application is all set to give a long and tough competition to the other two audio chat rooms.

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