Google is experimenting with refinement of search results by including brand name filters for products

Google is one of the biggest tech companies out there, the search giant has a big market shares in many industries due its large collection of products. The company strives to do better and better with each passing day and is surely one of the biggest reason for the advancement of technology and internet today. Lately Google has been coming up with many updates on its products to make them better and more efficient, one such update is being tested on the Google search engine.

The Google search is the biggest and the most accurate platform, users all over the world prefer Google because of its vastness, the search results on Google however mostly accurate can sometimes be misleading or difficult specially while searching a product. Have you ever been in a situation in which you wanted to buy a product but did not find it, since you couldn’t find an online store that offered it, well soon you will not face this problem since Google has come up with a solution that will surely solve this.

Google has started testing search refinements that will include brand filters, which means that with any product you search Google will offer you a filter of multiple brands that offer that particular product making it easy for the user to select anyone of them. As per Ryan Mews, the results after a product is searched will be pretty interesting since if the product is available on a particular store the store name will be mentioned in the filter with a blue icon, after the user selects a particular brand or store by clicking on the filters available Google will only show them the products of that brand. What Google actually does after a user click on the brand name is adding the brand name at the end of the search result thus showing results related to that brand.

Apart from that to make the search results of the products they search more efficient, users can add the brand name they want to buy from at the end of any product they search, this will surely make finding and buying products easy. Once this new feature comes out finding products that are not widely available will be pretty easy for users.

This new step taken by the tech giant will surely revolutionize the ecommerce world, the businesses that will benefit the most from this new feature are the ones that offer specialized products, as their products are sometimes hidden under the vast sea of search results thus making them lose sales. This new feature will be another one of the tech giant’s contribution to the world of internet. Once this new brand name filter is released, Google will surely see a rise in the number of users that use it for searching products.

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