TeamViewer Is Finally Rolling Out Biometric Protection Into It's Interface, Offering An Extra Layer Of Protection

TeamViewer for Android has rolled out biometric authentication, preventing users with access to your unlocked phone's contents or sign-in details from accessing other devices.

TeamViewer, for those unaware, is an app built for the purposes of convenience and efficiency. The application, as its name applies, allows users to access multiple devices by using a single separate device that has been provided such access. For example, an individual with TeamViewer set up can now access their laptop, tablets, and other mobile phones by using the mobile they have at hand right now.

Screen sharing is enabled between the devices, which allows users to control applications and the like on far away devices. It's uses, while being many and accessible to all, are rather extensively used by tech support and IT. Such individuals can easily fix issues in the devices of their clients by using TeamViewer to access the device that requires servicing. This software has proven to be especially helpful in 2020, what with the COVID-19 pandemic leading to remote working for everyone. Naturally, the service only works if both communicating devices have TeamViewer installed.

Now, while such a software is highly useful and has many practical applications, it comes with a caveat. Namely, any individual with access to the central, unlocked device, or just the necessary login details, can freely access other devices as well. They can easily siphon personal data, steal personal work and pictures, or even implant viruses to ruin the receiving end of TeamViewer. This was considered a huge problem for the software, and necessitated users being especially careful with their login details. However, with the TeamViewer software's latest update, such extreme measures may no longer be necessary.

With the new biometric scanning feature, access to other devices from the central one is safeguarded behind the one detail no one can perfectly emulate: the actual device owner's fingerprints. While login details will still be required, fingerprints are an extra wall of protection that few individuals will be able to properly circumvent. Users can choose to activate or deactivate fingerprints as they wish. It's a feature that offers much in the form of relief to all users of TeamViewer and the software's clever use of multiple devices. Especially since the clientele of departments such as tech support and IT cannot be compromised, lest the individuals responsible lose their jobs.

H/T: AP.

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