Instagram is finally rolling out the much anticipated feature that allows users to post videos and photos through desktop

Facebook-owned Instagram, a few weeks ago, was spotted working on the capability that will allow users to post videos and photos from the desktop as well that will give a better experience to all users especially it will be much beneficial for brands and social media managers as well. As per some screenshot that were leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram tested a choice of “+” sign to the top side of the desktop form of the application that will support users to upload videos and photos straightly from their computers. Now, after a few weeks of working, finally, the platform is slowly rolling the PC uploading feature, but still, only a few users are allowed to publish videos and photo content through their PCs.

The renowned social media apps researcher named Matt Navarra has first tweeted about this development of the app. He mentioned that a few users are still having the “+” sign on the top side of the desktop application to share videos and photo content. Once, users select one (or multiple) photo/video, then they can get all the editing options if they need for formatting and altering photos and video content such as different filters or other tools as well. After finishing the editing process, the option will allow the user to publish those photos conveniently from the website of the application that will give users a new experience for handling their Instagram account.

Though IGTV uploads UI for desktop has been rolled out in May 2021, however, users will not be able to post Reels content from their desktops as this feature is not available yet but the platform has stated that it is working on this option too and users will get the uploading capability of the platform on the desktop form soon. That is worthy for an Instagram app too because this feature will fascinate users to stay on the application for a long while. This feature will assist many social media handler or managers in sharing photos or videos content right from their desktop conveniently with more filter options just like many other applications provides such options.

Since 2019, Users were allowed to post their content on the platform from the creators’ studio of the parent app Facebook but that was limited to the accounts of businesses only and that had not many editing routes too, so the latest experiment even though it is restricted to a few numbers of users yet but it will provide admission to the whole functionality of the application. The platform of Instagram is now focusing its desktop form as it also made the experience of watching stories better on the PC version. It also included the option to watch the live streaming from the desktop. For those who are still unable to see the uploading option on their desktop form of the application, the platform has said that it will expand its test in the coming future so that more users will get access, meanwhile you can try this workaround to upload photos from PC.

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