TikTok replaces YouTube as the major sponsor for VidCon tech conference this year

TikTok has been given the spot as the major sponsor for VidCon this year instead of YouTube that has had the spot since 2013.

TikTok has been taking over the YouTube traffic for a while now. Although multiple platforms have tried to match the caliber of the leading video platform, no one has been successful in doing so. It is, however, evident that YouTube does feel threatened by TikTok in regards to the recent launch of its TikTok rival, Shorts.

YouTube has been the main supporter of the VidCon community for over 8 years now however the spot was given to TikTok this year in a rather stealthy manner. YouTube will still be a secondary supporter amongst other platforms but it only makes sense to give the position to the best platform which is YouTube however the VidCon community seems to think differently.

We can only assume that this opportunity was given to TikTok to prove diversity in terms of selection but the drastic effect the change will have economically on YouTube will be one of a kind. The reputational loss will be another story as YouTube has been an active platform since 2005 but was replaced by a platform introduced in 2016.

TikTok and YouTube have been rivals for a while now. While many would argue that the rivalry does not even make sense considering how YouTube is the obvious lead here. But more creators have been turning towards the revolutionary application, taking in the wonders of short videos.

According to Variety, TikTok will be working as the title sponsor and will have the opportunity to showcase its top talent in the VidCon this year. The participants will get a chance to feature in all 3 main tracks of the event which will surely secure TikTok a space amongst the royals.

This opportunity is bound to bring great benefits to the platform including a greater popularity ratio along with much more chances for the platform to present its talents and creative juices in a much broader spotlight.

YouTube is still the leading platform in terms of monetization since it has a long-term payment plan, unlike its rival platform. In the long run, YouTube is the winner however it is a shame how quickly TikTok is evolving and adapting, stealing the traffic that originally belonged to YouTube.

We might label these as assumptions however our speculations were confirmed by the launch of YouTube's latest feature, 'Shorts,' which is its version of TikTok consisting of 60-second videos with relatively similar features. The launch in itself has an air of the outcome of being threatened which might not bring the result it was supposed to.

YouTube claims that Shorts is already quite popular with a viewer rate of 6.5 million daily even though it has been launched in a handful of regions to date. YouTube even declared to have a $1000 fund to promote the creators of the newly launched feature which gives off a rather insecure vibe now when talking about TikTok.

In the end, it will all come down to who pays more hence YouTube wins but considering how such a small scale application launched way later is a potential threat to YouTube? That says a lot in itself.

Photo: Creator: Tara Ziemba / Credit: WireImage

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