TikTok looks for ways to highlight the bright side of its platform and users; introduces #CreativityForGood

Tiktok has been one of the leading platforms for a while now with its engaging content and high user appeal however none of these could get it in the much sought-after Cannes Lions nominations. Since the platform does not fit the regulations of the event, it is unfortunately excluded and Tiktok is looking for ways to highlight its potential to make the content more creative.

Not being nominated did not lower the platform’s spirits by one bit and Tiktok is now promoting itself by reportedly ‘celebrating’ Cannes Lions through a quite creative approach. The platform has launched a campaign going by the name of ‘CreativityForGood’ that aims to call attention to Tiktokers and the creativity that the platform holds.

Being a part of this project is pretty easy since all one needs to do is create a video that either focuses on one of the 4 non profiting campaigns supporting the project for another such passionate cause. Tiktok claims that the video could either be a campaign or simply an advertisement.

This project aims to spread happiness and positivity along with awareness about various issues. The project also seeks to benefit the 4 non-profit organizations including the Malala fund, It Gets Better Project, IFRC, and One Tree Planted. Tiktokers have been asked to spread awareness around these organizations and use the #CreativityForGood hashtag to create a chain of positivity.

Tiktok also claims to assist these non-profit organizations by providing a hefty donation. The amount is said to be $50,000 at the moment and Tiktok will be giving the sum to each organization individually.

The use of this hashtag is quite a creative approach to not boost a great cause, but aid in promoting the image of the platform. Since this encourages users to step into the promotion and advertising sector, it creates more opportunities for not only the users but for the platform itself.

Although the key here is to indeed raise awareness and spread positivity while assisting the non-profit organizations, the campaign itself is promoting the branded potential for Tiktokers and increasing paid opportunities. It also will be a substantial step in highlighting the creativity housed by the platform and promote different Tiktokers.

The campaign could also turn out to be a pronounced step in the uplifting of the platform, creating more opportunities for Tiktok to be considered as a potential candidate at prestigious ceremonies like Cannes.

Although we did not get to witness TikTok being on the carpet this year, we look forward to seeing it next year through the continuation of such campaigns centered at the creative hub.

Photo: Mike Blake / Reuters

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