Here's how many of consumers get annoyed by ads on the internet

We all know by now how conscious Apple is towards the privacy of its users and hence over the years, it has developed software’s and features which promises its users a privacy unlike any mobile company out there. Hence, in order to make sure that the tech giant fulfills all its promises, it therefore has formed rules which helps them to ensure that all its associated applications are on the same track of thinking related to privacy as them.

The tech giant while had released its App Tracking Transparency feature which asked all apps on the App Store to take user consent before tracking them from then onwards was already a big no for companies like Facebook and Instagram because most of their revenue is collected from the targeted ads which they send through user tracking and now Apple has released another feature in 14.5 which will allow its users to block any company access to its phone advertising ID.

This means once a user disables its phone’s advertising ID, no tech giant like Google, Facebook or any other will be able to track them for any kind of data or information. This also means that if you are Apple user and you disable this service you will not receive any kind of advertisements on during your Google search or social media scrolling.

While this seems like a bad news for big tech giants as its targeted advertisement revenue seems to be decreasing by this, the public in most part of the world however seems ecstatic.

A survey was conducted by Statista Global Consumer which showed that a large population of the world was annoyed by the advertisements that randomly pop up on their phones during their social media or internet use. Among the participants in the US, 42 percent showed their dislike towards the advertisement pop ups while 59 percent of Australians felt the same.

Though 31 percent ratio in both Chinese and Brazilians said that online advertisements never really bothered them as such, and much to say we believe they have a lot of patience if this is the case.

This new feature by Apple, holds a lot of mixed feelings and we are not sure where we stand, that whether we should show empathy towards tech giants whose biggest source of revenue is being shut down or show happiness and excitement along with the consumers who no longer have to go through the hassle of 2-3 ads at the same time. However, wherever do you or we stand, one thing we know for sure is that Apple is very very serious when it comes to protecting its user’s data.

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