As the numbers of TikTok users are increasing, the social network is now demanding up to two million dollars for one day for its best advertising slots

TikTok has gained much importance in just a few years after its launch, besides facing bans in India, Pakistan, the US, and some other countries too. This year the audience of this short-form video platform is expected to reach up to 1 billion from all over the world and users are mostly youngsters. It can be a great strategy for the platform to grow its ads business just like Facebook and Twitter are earning massive revenue from their advertisement business. Advertisers are also ready to pay a high amount for just one day to this platform to get the maximum reach.

Bloomberg has reported some data regarding the short video hosting platform, that it is demanding up to $1.4 million only in the US during the 3rd quarter for putting the ad on the homepage of the app so that the maximum number of users can see. This amount can reach up to $1.8 million in the 4th quarter of this year, this strategy will obviously expand the advertisement business of this platform up to the great extent. The report even says that the platform can take up to $2 million dollars for its peak advertising position (that is the 1st thing audiences watch when they start the app) for just one-holiday ad. Experts say that this price was not that high during the last year, but now, as the platform is grabbing a large audience each day, such as the users of this platform had grown from 11 million to 100 million just in few years.

Therefore, those retailers or brands paying such a large amount will not regret it due to the reason that they can also get up to 109 million impressions from the public too according to the app. Well, this price can go even high in the near future as this app has taken the 1st spot in the highest downloaded app many times. But many advertisers are still investing a large amount on the YouTube platform, TikTok is still in the early stage of its marketing business, it can be anticipated that as TikTok is growing its advertisement business, it can give a tough time to Facebook and YouTube platform.

The parent company of the platform ByteDance is one of the leading marketers which successfully completed sales of about $20 billion just in China during the prior year, and it is hoped that this amount can become doubled at the end of this year. If advertisers want to promote their hashtags on this platform, they will have to incur $500,000 for 3 days and that expense is excluded from the fee of influencer and music in it.

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