Facebook's WhatsApp introduces an advertising campaign after the criticism over the privacy rules

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has introduced the latest privacy ad campaign in several regions as this is the action of the messaging platform after there were certain ambiguities revolving around the app. The messaging platform introduced the privacy policy prior to this year that increased the data sharing of users to the Facebook platform and many rival companies and users around the world criticized this platform a lot. WhatsApp wants to gain the trust of users that this app cares about the security of its users data. The messaging platform has stated that it will bear all the critics and pressure that has been put by the officials of the UK regarding the encryption of chats of users. The platform has further said that the officials should demand more security of data rather than less.

The platform has said that law makers should encourage apps to provide a strong security system to people because people do not want their data to be exposed online. The advertisement movement of the app will start to work worldwide, launching from the Germany and UK from this week. People had many concerns regarding their data sharing, but after the data encryption Facebook, WhatsApp, any other third party will not be able to read the chats of users. In encryption, only the sender and receiver of the chat will be able to read it and that will solve the problem of data sharing.

Critics repeatedly say that data encryption will put the security of the children in danger, and it will promote illegal content and the officials will not be able to report these cases, but unfortunately there's no effective solid solution to this problem at this time. The messaging app has been banned in central China and it is also litigating the Govt. of India for the latest regulations that will compel this app to breach its policies, the messaging platform knows that India is its largest market, and it has also mentioned that more countries and regions may ban the services of this platform as it is constricting its rules.

The messaging app has also made it clear that people said that they are going to remove Whatsapp from their devices because they were wrongly thinking that the company is going to expose the data of users to its parent company Facebook and those users who will not grant permission will be restricted to use all features. The app said that these are the illogical allegations that the app is going to compromise on the security of the personal info of users.

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