Adam Mosseri comments on Instagram's growth tactics and TikTok’s growing influence; appraises the contender platform

Instagram has been on the roll with its 'Creators week', an initiative launched not only for attracting more creators but with the actual intention of helping people achieve better. The project aims to impart fresh guidance from internal experts and influencers currently soaring on the site.

In a live Q and A conducted on the official Creators Instagram page, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, took the stage to address several frequently asked questions along with some basic intel on the algorithm of the platform. Mosseri did not hesitate to praise its competing platform, Tiktok, for its ability to keep users engaged for long periods.

Amongst the nibs of guidance handed out by the CEO, it was mentioned how the fluctuation due to new users results in teetering range stats. More people joining in results in an increase in competition and as we've heard countless times already, the algorithms chart people according to their activity daily. Keeping up with Instagram means keeping up with its alternating algorithms.

Mosseri did not fail to bring up techniques to boost the feed including posting more videos keeping in mind that the first two seconds are the most essential where creators get a chance to lure in more followers. He also mentioned the use of hashtags, which does seem like a fading trend, claiming that it is still as effective and increases the chances of being searched up.

Furthermore, we got to know how focusing solely on promoting content through new features such as the recently launched two-minute videos, ‘Reels’, will not get creators more coverage. Instead, distributing your content through all the features hence covering all ground would help them pop up more. On the topic, Mosseri commented on the delay of Reels due to music licensing in some regions.

Verification on Instagram was also explained. Only users who have a chance of getting their profiles impersonated and have enough coverage in the media get to place the infamous blue tick alongside their profiles. This is exactly why a celebrity with 50k might have a blue tick when a striving influencer with a million followers might not.

It was also reported that Instagram is leaning towards increasing the monetization of the platform, enabling creators to earn more through different resources. Any details on how to earn more or what might increase monetization opportunities were not mentioned.

With the rise in the accusations pointed towards Instagram due to its unfair policies towards hiding disfavored content, Mosseri has been seen correcting time and time again how the platform does not hint towards any biases. The recent interview also included a comment where the CEO insisted on Instagram’s initiatives to combat abuse and prejudice.

The interview featured a warning as well. Mosseri warned all users against the false act of buying followers. He said that the policies are changing and Instagram is getting 'smarter' hence such unethical acts would not be tolerated.

Lastly, Mosseri was seen praising one of its competitor platforms, Tiktok, which quite frankly did get us by surprise. The Instagram CEO acknowledged all the assets of the site which gets it more traffic. He emphasized a great deal on how Tiktok is one the most engaging applications which is why the app gained such popularity in a short time.

Mosseri's appraisal on TikTok was noteworthy, including; Tiktok is a great platform for the materialization of young talent as not only does the platform give plenty of opportunities, it is a cauldron of 'realistic' and entertaining content.

Although Instagram is working on improving Reels, it could never compete or even be at the same level as that of Tiktok. Tiktok is, and always will be, the prime source of entertainment through short videos.

Instagram is known for its evolutionary algorithm but Tiktok has a stable and reliable algorithm that knows just what holds the key to attaining the user's attention. The algorithm focuses on each clip separately, catering individually to mold according to the video, enhancing it. The algorithm is designed to capture all the elements including the size of the video, the features, likes, follows, and connecting videos to assist creators in creating targeted content.

The only drawback that Mosseri seemed to think of was how the monetization of Instagram is far more reliable than Tiktok. Since Tiktok focuses more on short-term fame, it is not meant for subjective long-term projects. Instead, as Mosseri states, Instagram is 'more centered towards monetization benefiting creators for 5-10 years.' Furthermore, Instagram additionally enables you to create short-term content, similar to that of Tiktok.

We believe that by producing even more opportunities to increase the revenue, Instagram will perhaps overshadow Tik Tok and with its recent ventures including the Creators week, it does not seem like an impossible task.

Lastly, Mosseri emphasized that shortcuts are a foul method to gain a minute in the spotlight. Instead focusing more on elevating growth through carefully curated notes by the Instagram experts will guarantee your lasting success.
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