Facebook is working to introduce status with a time limit of 24 hours

Facebook was launched in 2004, since then it kept growing and became the social media giant. It is the gateway for most of the other social media apps that are available today. Since then the developers have been trying there best to maintain the application by updating it time to time in light of the reviews it receive from the users all over the world. The fact that almost every year a new update or a feature is introduced on the platform is a proof that maintaining the site is as hard as making one.

Since 2004 the pace for introducing features or updating the already existing ones was slow. Things started to speed up after the social media giant bought WhatsApp and Instagram in 2014 and 2012 respectively. From 2015, Facebook started to work on its algorithm as well. From deciding which post to show first on the users feed, to updating the algorithm for the video that should be showed next. And as time moved forward and users started to use Facebook for entertainment purposes mostly while posting pictures on the other Facebook owned app , Instagram. The app introduced new reactions such as the famous love react sad react and others.

A few years later after short videos started to trend on Tiktok, Facebook decided to update itself as well and introduced Instagram Reels and recently even started to work on sharing those reels on Facebook’s News feed. These were some of the major changes that the company brought. On the side line , they also kept working on the features that were firstly introduced by them. Such as Facebook status for sharing thoughts and updates and messenger application through which users can talk to each other.

Currently if a user posts anything on Facebook it will stay there as long as the user want it however after stories limited for 24 hours became popular, it seems like the social media giant is looking forward to get it on its platform as well. It is not an official news however one of the famous inside information sharer Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted on his twitter account about the possibility of a 24 hours limited status.

Meanwhile Matt Navarra, the famous social media consultant also shared on his Twitter account about the possibility for the long ignored message requests on Facebook Messenger. To either get seen, or stay permanently unseen to the receiver. Which means that the users might be getting the authority to deal with their messages the way they want to. Again it has not been confirmed by the officials but chances are that they might happen sooner .
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