Recreation of text styles present in any image can be possible, thanks to Facebook's new AI project

Technology has invaded almost everywhere. From introducing AR tools to personal mobile phone assistant. Everyday a new software is introduced meant to help others. Social media platforms are also an example of how different software work to connect a very large group of people.

Currently, the largest social networking platform, Facebook is working on a new Artificial Intelligence model through which users can rewrite any text the way it is written in any picture and all that will be needed to copy the writing style, is just one word. According to Facebook, this feature is expected to help with text translation and picture editing.

The program has been named as Text Style Brush Project, this project can even pick words present in the background in just one take. This project is going to be more developed in comparison to the already present models for replicating text and based on these advancements, it can be used for a wide range of purposes. The main purpose is that it will play an important role for translating texts even hand written ones and can further be used for a more creative chat.

However, every technology comes with the disadvantages as well. For this project, the disadvantages are that though it is meant to help users, but at the same time it can be used in unwanted way. It can be used in picture editing to change the actual text and make any text sound offensive to ruin someone’s reputation. It can also be used to remove any watermark that was preventing any document to be used again.

But since, these are the things that would come in anyone’s mind, the same happened with the project developers of Facebook and to counter the risks , the application only showed the paperwork of the process. Facebook is waiting for the research team to help them in detecting any misuse of the feature. And create an anti misuse system to counter it. Yet still the chances of this feature to be used for unwanted activities will still remain there as the general users will get there hands on this new feature. Regardless of the risk it carries, this project is still one of its kind and with proper counter system to stop fraudulent activities, it can mark a new beginning.

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