Kids Can Now Use Google Family Link to Log In to Third Party Services

A major concern for the vast majority of parents that might be out there at this current point in time would involve the type of content that their kids might end up engaging with on the internet. You never really know what might be out there that could potentially end up negatively impacting your kids, but the thing to note here is that Google has provided a mechanism by which parents can start to keep an eye on what their kids might get up to online.

This service is called Family Link, and the way that it basically works is that parents can get a centralized portal wherein they can grant their children permission to end up using some type of website or they can alternatively prevent their children from accessing said website in the first place. Google is increasing the functionality of this service by making it so that the portal can be used by children to log in to various third party services as well, thereby giving parents control of the kind of services that children might engage with and potentially preventing their child’s data from being used in a manner that might be more or less untoward.

A thing that parents should note is that this by no means provides complete protection to your child. There is nothing really stopping your kid from making an account with their own credentials, so the only true solution is to keep an eye on your child’s activities as much as you reasonably can without stifling them. Services like Google’s Family Link will most definitely be a big help in this regard though, as long as you don’t use these types of services as your only solution when it comes to attempting to keep your child safe from the more unsavory parts of the internet.

H/T: AP.

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