Facebook forms an alliance with world's leading organizations to expand health awareness campaigns

Ever since the COVID 19 virus started spreading from China in early 2020, the world has never been the same. People all around the world be it children's, adult or elderly got this virus causing a lot of deaths. Many lost their loved ones and families got devastated. With no solution on how to stop the spread of this deadly virus, humans had only one option and that was to spread awareness amongst people that didn't knew much about the virus or had unauthentic or fake news about it.

If we would have been able to convey the correct news and started lockdowns and other precautionary measures earlier we would have been able to control the spread of COVID 19 saving the world from the loss it suffered during the past year.

Nowadays social media is the one source of information we all rely on, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter can be used to easily convey important information to a mass audience.

After the spread of COVID 19, social media giant Facebook understood that with correct awareness programs we would have been able to control the spread of this deadly virus and the loss of lives.

Facebook knows that their social platforms can be used to spread awareness effectively and easily amongst people which is why Facebook now has a new initiative.

Facebook have decided to create an alliance/partnership with world leading health, technology, and academic institutions, this alliance is aimed towards understanding how social platforms can be used to provide people with authentic information quickly, thus improving the health of communities around the world.

Some famous names actively taking part in this initiative includes; CDC, Merck, World bank, WHO and Facebook. Each of these organizations will commit 20 million dollars to the project annually.

With the COVID virus still fast spreading in various parts of the world, the best and fastest way to get things back to normal is through vaccination.

Which is why the alliance's main focus is to spread awareness and teach people about the importance of getting the new COVID vaccine.

Facebook is already a good medium to do this job and with the combined effort and research of all these companies, vaccine awareness would spread effectively.

The alliance has decided to also give out a number of grants that will help people get vaccines and thus bring things back to normal.

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