Snapchat releases a fun new filter which uses AR to make you look like an animated Disney character, here's how social media users are reacting

Released in 2011, Snapchat is one fun platform. The app gave tough competition to other famous social platforms and made its way into the hearts of its users. The app stood out from others mainly because of its unique concept and features like stories, streaks, etc.

Ever since its release Snapchat has always developed features that attract users and give them an excellent user experience.

If you are someone that has been using Snapchat for a long time, you might remember the boring times when there used to be no lens feature on the app.

Things changed when they released a bunch of new lenses which were unlike the ones other apps had. The lens feature scans users face and then applies different filters on it, one of the most famous being the dog filter.

Don't we all just love Snapchat lenses? They make our photos look better, they make texting with friends much better as you can send them cool snaps instead of boring text messages.

The Snapchat lens made a lot of people join Snapchat and proved to be one of Snapchat's most profitable feature.

Considering the fact that lens is one of Snapchat's top used feature, Snapchat regularly brings out new and awesome lenses. Recently the app has released an interesting new lens (named Cartoon 3D Style by Snapchat) that scans your face and then gives it a 3D cartoonish look just like the one we see in Disney Pixar movies.

The new lens is now available for both iOS and Android users. Once the lens is activated, users can tap on the screen to switch between different facial styles. This lens uses augmented reality (AR) technology which is the main reason behind this lens being so realistic. It's been only a day since this lens has been released, but users are already loving this lens mostly because of its realism.

Social media users are applying this lens on every other thing they come across, one user used the lens on the infamous painting of Mona Lisa and the results were surely impressive. People are using this filter to make themselves look like movie characters and are then recreating scenes from Disney movies.

This new lens is surely one that would be loved by Snapchat users for a long time and would attract a lot of new users towards the app

If you are someone that had a childhood dream of being a character in an animated movie that was left unfulfilled, well now Snapchat's new filter will at least show you how you would look like as one.

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