Multiple device feature is finally coming to WhatsApp as confirmed by WABetaInfo after receiving the beta version

WhatsApp is rolling out its latest beta version on Android and according to WAbetainfo this version has included Multi device feature and it appears linking multiple devices with the same WhatsApp account is finally happening.

After being discussed as a possibility, WhatsApp's beta app version has finally confirmed about the new feature and is all set to be released as a beta version.

The new beta version will be released for Android users soon. The most notable feature about this new version is that even if more devices are getting linked, privacy will still not be compromised and end to end encrypted messages will be prioritized.

Another helpful feature will be that these linked devices will not be permanently linked and just like user can logout from WhatsApp web, they can end their sessions from other devices as well. While talking about this, Wabetainfo also stated that if the main device is not connected to Internet connection, then link with other devices will still not be affected and they can keep using it without any difficulty. Another new update is that previously WhatsApp Web was not able to make any phone call or video call, but now these linked devices will be able to call as well if the user wants to.

While there are many features that will be very helpful, there are some limitations as well. Such as if someone is using an older version of WhatsApp, they will not be able to link their device with other multiple devices, at the same time if anyone will try to send them a message from linked device, the older version of WhatsApp will not receive it, unless the message is being delivered from the main device itself.

The update is finally official and have been recently confirmed by the owner of WhatsApp's parent company, Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg himself confirmed that the upcoming version of WhatsApp will start rolling out in just 2 months once the beta trial is over and the response is collected. Then it will be available for all the users globally either it be an Android Device or an iOS device.

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