Instagram's Live Room could be expecting a Schedule for later option

Last year in April, Facebook introduced everyone to a new feature named as Messenger room. By the end of the year, rumors were that Facebook owned Instagram will also be hosting a similar feature on its platform. These rumors became a reality in March 2021, when it was officially released on Instagram as well and named it as Live Room and now the Instagram developers are planning to update it by testing a new scheduling option for Live Room, as spotted by Alessandro Paluzzi.

Instagram released it Live Rooms feature for users all over the world. Currently the maximum number of speakers it can reach is four, initially it was just two. These 4 speakers can turn on their camera as well if they want to and can attract a great number of users.

While Instagram released its version for conducting podcasts or allowing creators to collaborate, another similar application, Clubhouse was also getting everyone’s attention. However the major difference between the two applications is that, on Instagram, users can turn on their cameras if they want to, while Clubhouse which is an iOS only application at the moment, is just an audio only application, but unlike Live Room which has a limit of four speakers only, Clubhouse can manage ten speakers in a single meeting but if someone wants to join an audio only chat, they need to get an invitation first otherwise they can’t be a part of the discussion. This is where Live Room gets a leverage on Clubhouse.

Joining a Live Room is as easy as making one. It only takes four easy steps before things go live. These four steps include opening the Instagram application and going to Live icon via Instagram Stories. Next step is to give the discussion a name by deciding a topic. Name can be written by the icon present at left hand of screen. Then just tap the Live icon available and Live Session will initiate right after that and viewers will start joining. If the host wants to have more people to talk on the topic written. They can send requests to 3 more people who are willing to join and can have an interactive session.

Other than just having a fun time with friends, this feature can be used by brands for product promotion, online performances at the time of Covid-19 Pandemic, just a question answer session for celebrities and much more.

After receiving a positive feedback from the users, it seems like the developers will be investing their time to make the feature more user friendly and more competitive. This is why they might be starting by working on a new schedule option so the host can start a live session on the planned time instead of going live right after they select the Live icon.

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