Google Meet to release a new video background feature by the end of this month

As the number of COVID cases started to increase, cities big or small all went under a strict lockdown, roads, malls, schools, offices all were closed down. These restrictions on offices and schools was a big problem, thankfully people started using video communication platforms as an alternative. We started to work from our homes and a big percentage of us liked it as we worked without having to travel and leave our comfort zone.

Most offices required their employees to keep their camera and microphone turned on during a meeting. For people with small children’s or people living in a small space with little personal space, working from home was surely a nightmare.

It surely is embarrassing when your child walks in on you while attending a meeting and start to weird things in the background while you are in between a serious discussion, this was a big problem for many until Google Meet released it new background feature.

The background photo feature enables users to use different photos as their background, this feature places a selected photo on the whole background of the user while only leaving the user. Users can select a background from a variety of photos that include background photos of offices, classroom and other such places.

This feature surely solved a big problem for people that did not had a good and disturbance free place that can serve as their background. The feature greatly increased the user experience of Google Meet and made a lot of users start liking the platform.

The backgrounds Google Meet previously released were all static, however this time Google Meet is stepping up the game. Google announced that Meet will soon have video backgrounds, the new video backgrounds will make your meeting a lot more fun. Apart from being fun, the new video background will hide your background better than a picture thus giving you better privacy.

After the update, users can choose from three unique video backgrounds which include; a classroom, a party and a forest. All three of the video backgrounds are really good and will surely make your meeting a lot more interesting.

On June 30 people that use Google Meet on web will be able to use this feature, however for people that use the Google Meet mobile app the feature will available in the upcoming months.

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