Facebook’s Feature “Discover” Called Out for Being Biased Towards Its Own Company

Facebook has created a lot of services for its users and one of them happens to be its free internet accessibility service which provides users with a limited amount of data for a specific period of time every day.

The tech giant on this service started a program called Discover which helped free data users by removing audio and video streams and ran web pages through proxy services to make the user experience online a smoother one.

However, though Facebook did provide such a great service the tables have turned towards them again with some researchers claiming that this Discover service introduced by the application may be biased towards the company that created it.

Three university research teams, namely University of California, Irvine and Philippines studied the service in order to see how it would not show images and content from other websites while favored the ones from Facebook and its acquired applications.

The study was conducted last summer in Philippines which also happens to be the hub for the largest number of internet consumers and the results happen to speak against Facebook.

The research information proved that though this service showed full features on both Facebook and Instagram, which seemed to be intact and working well, though the messages part of the application did not work for Instagram on the service, it sure did for Facebook. It was also noticed that images from all other websites were having visibility issues through the Discover feature of the service, however images on Facebook and Instagram were operating well.

Apart from Facebook, other websites like WHOs site, the website of the department education Philippines Job streets job portal and even Google worked fully, while Instagram (with only messages inaccessible), Yahoo Mails and YouTube all were half functional mostly. However, though some applications were working or at least half operable on the service, other platforms like Twitter and Netflix would not even budge to open.

All these reports and researches made the people call out the tech giant on its biased services and when confronted the tech giant completely denied doing anything related to this purposefully.

Facebook was when questioned about the matter said that it has never played such a tactic where it makes one of its free for all service biased towards them. According to the tech giant, this was a technical issue which caused many images to load inconsistently and though this issue has now been fixed it is impossible for the tech giant to check that if every website on its server is operating and functionally fully because of the high load of usage the server has.

However, if the tech giant has created a free service like this, there are high chances of possibility that they may have had manufactured it in a way to favor their apps to get better usages and revenue. What are your thoughts on this?

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