Instagram will now put random suggested posts in your feed with tests starting right away

Users have been pretty skeptical about algorithms concerning all social media platforms with the biggest concern being that of Instagram. While most people assume the algorithms of the site in interest are primarily biased, Instagram has been striving hard to prove the accusations are baseless.

In such an attempt, Instagram decided to test out a new feature. As many might’ve noticed already, seeing how the feature originally rolled out a year back, Instagram has been adjusting random suggested posts in feeds for a while now. These posts only appear once your feed has been exhausted with the posts from people you already follow.

Instagram claims the reaction to this attempt was quite positive which is the reason behind the platform’s new strategy. Tests are being run to see whether users would respond similarly if these suggested posts were to appear before the posts from the people you follow.

This might not be as well-received as users are still enraged due to shifting of the chronological order of posts to posts shown by popularity, another reason why these algorithms are so despised. To combat such problems, the platform also introduced a snoozing option, which we think would be pretty popular amongst the users.

For users who prefer their feed to be limited to those they follow can turn on the snooze settings which makes these recommended posts hidden for 30 days. For the time being, the test will only be visible to a small number of users hence you do not need to worry about snoozing your feed just yet.

This could turn out to be a positive initiative for influencers looking to expand their base as the recommended suggestions will make a route for more eyes hence a higher audience. In the long run, this could turn out to be beneficial even if half the users decided to resort to the snoozing option.

Instagram aims to provide an illusion of power to the users who assume their algorithms are completely prejudiced. By making such a move, the platform hopes to help users feel more assured by having some control over the site. How does this make sense? Well, it was the user reaction to previous suggested posts that got Instagram working on the new algorithm hence launching it would be a sequel to the previously appreciated feature.

Although platforms aim for the betterment of their community, knowing what’s best and providing exactly, it is a good decision to let people choose what they need as well. Altering algorithms could turn out to be a positive resolution for the reinstatement of trust.

The feature is supposed to be tested as soon as possible which means it won’t be long until we get to try it out as well.

H/T: TheVerge.
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