Facebook is rolling out a new animation feature that appears on shared posts

Facebook has been experimenting with a new update that can be seen on the post people shared on the news feed. The new features let the users make their posts and images pop up with the latest animation and graphics. The feature works when a user scroll through the feed and visualize the new look on posts shared by their friends.

Users can easily add this animation feature on their pictures when they get to upload one. An option will be shown to insert colorful animation and backdrop to the images that are going to the feed. A variety of patterns and colors will be provided to select and once the animation is added on the picture others will be able to see it when they scroll through the picture on their feed.

However, the functionality is seems to be available only to limited people as it is still in testing phase. Once it will roll out for everyone, a new option ‘Share Your Reaction in a Post' will be added at the bottom. It is believed that this feature is more like a story feature that is meant to increase interaction. Inserting new animations will going to attract more users and thus elevate engagement. But if everyone is going to incorporate the animation feature on their pictures, it will become too common and people will ignore it just like every other feature.

The information will going to be shared with Facebook about how many people are sharing post with animation feature and what impact it is creating on overall engagement. Facebook would notice that shared posts make up a minor part of most people's overall Feed participation. As a result, the dangers are likely low in this regard but once everyone get the access to this new feature it will take no time to become obsolete.

The latest update might be a good way for brand to help enhance their UGC-based campaigns. They might be able to persuade the appropriate people to repost their latest announcements with their friends along with the new animation feature incorporated in the updates which could definitely help in drawing more attention from the users.

All these facts will hopefully turn out as expected when ever the animation tool will roll out publicly. Facebook has not yet revealed the launching date but it is going to be available soon.

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