Instagram is working on a few handy features including “Fan-club” stories, and NFT-inspired Collectibles on the platform to enhance the engagement of users

The platform of Instagram always tries its best to provide the best experience to its users as this platform has over a billion users around the world. Recently, the platform is working on a feature called Fan club stories in which users are allowed to post different types of stories and only the member of Fan Club or the member of permitted groups will be allowed to see such stories and that will raise the interaction between different members of the group. A social media researcher and leaker named Alessandro Paluzzi has just recently shared some of the pictures of this upcoming feature and said that members of the Fan Club will not be allowed to take screenshots of these posts because it will be against the privacy of users.

So far, users can put the setting of account to private so that only those persons who have followed you can view your stories, or creators can make a specific list of close people so that they can also watch the stories to maintain privacy, but the new option will provide an opportunity to the creator to monetize their content on the platform and only members of the group will see such contents. The influencers of the platform can make their Fan club and post different stories that will be viewed by members of the club and that will build a strong relationship and engagement between users and influencers.

This is not the end, Paluzzi has also revealed that the platform is also working on new collectibles as this upcoming feature is looking to be correlated to the present Non-fungible token (NFT) trend, and that will allow users on the platform to offer on digital objects. So far, it is just a perception and cannot say much about it until it is launched but still, it will be a welcoming step to stimulate the purchasing of digital arts by providing a stage on the app. This step will open new ways for creators to show their talent on the platform and can earn a lot of money by selling their art to billions of audiences available on the platform. For the platform, that will bring a lot of traffic on the platform, and it will also increase the content and engagement on the app.

The company is also trying to motivate the buying attitude of people online and it is a good way to encourage people to spend their money on digital artistic products in-stream. Instagram will post more updates regarding these launches in the future.

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