A new update on Google's iOS Authenticator app requires user’s Face/Touch id before giving access to 2FA codes

Data and charts over the year’s show an ever increasing rise in the number of social accounts and emails hacked thus making different platforms worried about the safety of their user’s account, information and data. Google’s ecosystem that includes platforms like Gmail and Drive has highly sensitive news and data inside of them, making it the most likely to be attacked.

Passwords to Google accounts however private can sometimes be leaked and get to other people that do not have good intentions towards your account, to tackle this problem Google released the 2-Factor Authenticator which requires the users phone number for verification, this means that once the account is opened on any new device, Google would require a 6-digit code that is sent to the user’s phone number and the account only opens once that is provided. This stops any person that knows the email and password to your account to access it, thus making the platform much safer.

The 2-Factor Authenticator is present on both the iOS and Android. While only 5% of iOS users prefer Google over Safari, the company still continues to bring out more and more updates for the iOS version making it much better than its competition thus trying to gain a bigger market share. Recently Google released a new update for iOS which further increased the level of security it provides to its users.

The new update is connected with the excellent face detection on Apple’s new devices, the update requires users to authenticate their identity by using either their Face or Touch id before they can access the codes of 2 Factor Authenticator. Users can change the settings and select the time before the platform requires authentication. Previously the Google Authenticator only required Face or Touch id once a user exports accounts.

Apart from this, the new update also includes a feature that will surely help users setting up a new device since it can connect more than 10 accounts per QR code. Android users already enjoyed this particular feature before.

The new update also brought a new search bar at the top of the Google authenticator for iOS, the android version of the authenticator lacks this feature.

These new updates are available on all devices with iOS 15, iPad OS 15 and macOS. Google just a few months back released another update that included design changes for iOS, the tech giant is surely making all possible efforts to win the hearts of iOS users.

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