Instagram Reels and short video content is now being featured on Facebook’s News Feed

Ever since Facebook became the parent company for Instagram, the social media giant has been trying to link these two applications together. From introducing Live Room on Instagram after releasing Messenger Room for Facebook. From featuring videos on Instagram Reels, to making an other similar version for the parent company. Recently Facebook has been working on to allow its users to get there Instagram Reels featured on Facebook's News feed.

Before making the Reels available on news feed for everyone, Facebook decided to run its beta version in India in early March. This was done to give competition to the rival app, TikTok which is also famous for hosting short videos and even after getting global recognition, due to some circumstances it got banned in India at that time.

A limited number of users were allowed to experience the new feature and these limited people included some of the renowned content creators in India such as Ashish Chanchlani, Pooja Dhingra, Bong Guy and few others. Those accounts have been selected that are open to public, so they can share their reels on Facebook account as well.

Bringing up Instagram Reels on Facebook’s News feed will help creators to gain more views and increase their audience because even if the reel is being shared on Facebook, it will still show the username of Instagram account, to promote the content. This will not only help them grow but at the same time if a creator is earning from these platforms, it will also help them grow financially as well.

However, according to the recent tweet posted by Matt Navarra and Leon Grigg, this new feature could be in its finishing stage and might roll out for all the users in more regions as other applications such as Snapchat and YouTube are also promoting short video content on their respective platforms.

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